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The following testimonials are from our clients. None of our clients was compensated for their statements. Our clients provided testimonials because they wanted other people to know how Rolfing has increased their quality of life.

Bad Back

At the age of 36, I was becoming a cripple with a bad back due to injuries over my athletic careers. After many x-rays and doctor visits, I was told by the experts it was all muscle related. They prescribed bed rest, muscle relaxors and pain killers. The medicine was eating my insides up. After two years, I was depressed. I still could not get away from pain in my lower back.

At a friend's advice, I tried Rolfing. My second life started after the first visit. I was pain free and able to quit taking all medications. My flexibility came back and was able to resume playing golf 3 to 4 times a week.

I would strongly suggest to anyone who is having trouble with knees, ankles, shoulders, back, etc. to give it a try. You will not believe the change in your body after one visit.

Denton Willard

Motorcycle Accident

I would like to say that since my Rolfing session five years ago that I have never felt better. I was in a serious motorcycle accident and I had been searching for relief for three years, trying any and all forms of therapy. I was introduced to Frank Wu and with his knowledge, I have been able to return to a normal exercise routine and not to mention a
"normal life". I had severe pain in the neck,shoulders and low back that it kept me from getting in minor activities. I believe that Rolfing HAS made a difference in my life and would like to thank Frank for choosing Rolfing as his profession.

Sharon Vandergrift


Running 60,000 miles without and adjustment is something like driving your car for 100,000 miles without ever getting a tune-up. While that's possible these days, it's not optimal.

When I got to 60,000 miles I started having problems. More problems actually. This time, I couldn't breathe. I literally felt as if the walls were closing in. This was at the 1990 Philadelphia Distance run. And 9 miles to go is along way without air.

Afterwards I took a 3 month layoff from running. A doctor diagnosed me with 'acute bronchial spasms' which made getting life insurance a real hassle. And increase my rates. Never mind acute means non-chronic.Regardless, I was paying for it by not being able to run either.

I knew Frank Wu's son, Keelyn, from my college days. Together, they convinced me to try a rolfing session. Almost immediately I could breathe again. Basically, over the years my posture had deteriorated,cutting off air to my lungs (which is admittedly a simplified way of looking at it.)

In one session, my breathing problem became a non-issue. And as an added bonus, my chronically tight hamstrings felt noticeably better. A few more sessions and they felt better than they had in the six years since college. Most of all, my running improved. Or at least, I felt better while I was running.

I have continued to get regular (monthly) rolfing sessions for almost 10 years now and continue to find it beneficial. All my miles keeps breaking me down... rolfing keeps me tuned up.

Mark Stickley

Winchester, VA